Alan Lowne qualified for his Diploma in Personal Training, Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy in 2005.  He worked as a senior Personal Trainer and Health/Lifestyle Adviser in the Fitness Centre of a leading Investment bank for several years.  After guiding many corporate clients through a range of challenges, from weight loss to competitive marathon running, Alan launched his own independent practice, INFORMED FITNESS, based in Central London.  This gave him the opportunity to create and deliver a unique range of personally tailored services, including the use of the revolutionary Metabolic Profiling system which gives extraordinary results in both weight management and performance improvement.  In addition, Alan offers carefully structured, gentle fitness programmes for pre and post-natal women.  Alan can also include sessions within all his programmes on the prevention and alleviation of back pain.

Alan has a wide range of clients, including the high profile investment bankers who switched from their company gym to INFORMED FITNESS, also writers, producers, retail and fashion professionals.    In addition to his regular participation in marathons and triathlons, in 2011, Alan became an Ironman, completing his first competition in 10.52.

Alan is also employed as a Personal Trainer by the luxury retreat company Inspa at exclusive locations around Europe and Morocco.