I have known and been working with Alan for several years. Informed Fitness Metabolic Profiling has provided useful data relating to my own training zones and energy needs as a professional athlete, as well as providing me with valuable information about the age-group triathletes that I coach. Anyone with ambitions to improve their performance should start with an understanding of their individual metabolic profile, and re-test periodically to assess the effectiveness of their training. The service that Alan provides is both professional and personable, and his own love of endurance sports and long distance triathlon enables him to understand the needs of his clients and their coach.”
Joanna Carritt, professional Ironman and Ultra distance triathlete and triathlon coach with EverydayTraining


“I was referred to Alan after the diagnosis and treatment of severe Plantar Fasciitis [damage to the tendon and sole of the foot] .  The prolonged nature of the condition meant my knee, hip joints, and lower back had all suffered stress as  a result of the pain and imbalance in my gait.  Alan put together a remedial programme that allowed me to regain full mobility in a careful and pain-free manner.  He also devised a series of exercises which allow me to support and strengthen my foot and prevent the condition from returning.  Although I am no longer experiencing specific problems, I have continued to train with Alan and have regained full fitness under his supervision as well as improving my overall bio-mechanical strength and flexibility.”

Dr E. R. Mayhew

“Alan has been my Personal Trainer for almost two years. Prior to that I had trained for three years, three times a week, the last year with a trainer once a week. During that time I had improved my fitness but not achieved any of the desired weight loss.

Two years ago Alan conducted a metabolic assessment for me and then designed a new training programme. This was followed by regular re-testing and programme adjustments. The results have been superb, my weight loss has been about 11% from 112kg to 99kg my fitness has increased very considerably, so that I am now able to run for over 30 minutes, which I had not done for years. My muscle definition has also become marked.

The achievement would clearly not have been possible without Alan’s professional and technical approach as well as constant but measured encouragement. He is extremely customer focused and makes every effort to understand what I want to achieve and ensured success where others have failed. I am very happy to give him my most positive recommendation.”

 Christian Dinesen

I began training with Alan a few years ago for an adventure race, impressed by his enthusiasm and knowledge I continued training with him after my race and stayed with him after he left my gym to set up Informed Fitness.

Alan really goes above and beyond to offer a complete service, when focusing on a specific event he creates varied and imaginative programmes to give you the training you need but keeps them fun and never lets them get stale.  Alan supports this event specific training with an additional focus on improving base fitness and injury avoidance.  Having a trainer who can provide metabolic testing, nutritional advice and sports massage – in addition to the  training sessions – is invaluable.

Alan’s approach of combining encouragement with ‘tough talking’ (though only when required!) has enabled me to set my goals far more ambitiously than I thought I’d ever be able to. He can raise a laugh even during the toughest sessions which is a must when training hard for events.  He trained me for my first sprint triathlon where I finished 1st in my age group and 3rd overall and is now training me for my first Ironman later this year.

I’d recommend Alan to anyone, both those that are new to personal training and looking for a fun, professional coach who can not only improve their fitness but give them an understanding of how to train effectively, and also those who are looking to improve performance and grind those extra few minutes off race times.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Catherine Emmett

Having  Metabolic Assessments has been a real eye opener which has enabled me to achieve my weight loss goals & revolutionised my approach to exercise. In addition to equipping me with the insights which enabled me to lose 7kg & reduce by body fat by 16% Alan’s programme gave me the insider knowledge to ensure going forward that I can continue to maximise the results & time I invested in the gym. 3 months on from completing my initial bespoke programme I’ve found it easy to maintain the results.  I cannot recommend Alan or the metabolic programme highly enough.