How to Keep the Pounds of this Christmas

Here’s how to indulge without the bulge

Portion Control:

An easy way to remember portion sizes is as follows: 
- For Carbohydrates, have an amount the size of your fist. 
- For protein, have a palm-sized portion (not including your fingers!). 
- For high-fat foods such as cheese, stick to a thumb-sized amount. 
- As for vegetables? You can have as many as you like. Except for potatoes – stick to one regular-sized spud. If you’re having mashed, follow the guide for Carbs.

Tricks To Help You Eat Less:

Hide the treats! Keeping snacks covered or even out of reach will encourage you to eat less.
Don’t snack in front of the TV. We can easily eat an extra 300 calories or more when we’re sat watching TV.
“Keep your fork in your ‘wrong’ hand at a buffet,” advises nutritionist Amanda Ursell. “It’ll slow down your ability to load your plate.”
Blow out your candles. Researchers in California found that we eat more in dimly lit rooms.
 Beware huge wine glasses: Drinking out of a smaller wine glass will reduce your intake of calories.

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